Inclusive Education

Inclusion is a values-based learning path that embraces diversity and learner differences AND promotes equal opportunity and access for ALL learners. Every learner, made in the image of God, has unique needs.

Thomas Groome, a notable Catholic theologian, speaks to universal inclusivity. He explains that the word “catholic” is derived from the Greek word “kata holos,” which means “welcoming or to include all.” Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools is a welcoming, Christ-Centered Learning community

R.S. Fowler provides flexible, responsible, and responsive learning environments for all learners. We recognize some learners have multiple and on-going needs, while others have short-term - and/or situationally driven - needs. Inclusion is an interplay of knowing the uniqueness of the child and providing equitable access to evidence-based supports that reduce barriers and enhance learning in school at home and in the community.  

Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools recognizes the importance of parents and community partners to create inclusive environments within our schools. Parents are provided with meaningful opportunities to participate in and support the success of all learners.

We provide a continuum of supports and services for all students and for each student, including students with diverse learning needs. Through a continuum of universal, targeted, and intensive individualized supports and services, school learning teams work collaboratively with professional staff in our Division to identify and meet the needs of ALL learners.  

Inclusive Education in Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools blends a flexible student-centred approach and is responsive to the strengths and needs of each and every student by creating inclusive learning experiences within the context of our Catholic faith. This enables all students to access - and be successful in - learning opportunities.  

In our schools, inclusive education is an approach, rather than a location. It values choice in programming and placement to best meet students' learning needs.


At Fowler, we offer a variety of Diverse Learning supports to increase success, confidence and skills for all our students.  Below is a list of some of the supports we offer.  If you have any questions please contact Ashley Morgan at or 780-459-2644.  

  • Read and Write for Google
  • Access to digital texts for students with Learning Disabilities
  • Frequent check-ins for students that require support
  • Learning Strategies option
  • Every class will be in-serviced on test preparation, test anxiety and how to take multiple choice exams
  • Use of technology to increase written output
  • modified programming when required 
  • Knowledge and Employability programming

Success Maker

SuccessMaker delivers content through a highly engaging interface that makes math and reading instruction, practice and assessment fun. The program is highly interactive, addressing multiple learning modalities and making students active participants in their learning and the game-like formats of many activities are challenging and motivating so learners can’t wait to use the program.

Successmaker has a strong focus on developing critical skills for reading, speaking and mathematics, SuccessMaker provides real-world problems to help activate the link between accessing prior knowledge and acquiring new abilities to strongly develop and improve comprehension.

One-on-One Instruction. With a strong focus on the most critical math and reading concepts, individualized learning for every student becomes a reality with SuccessMaker. The embedded assessment finds just the right starting point in the curriculum and the program’s dynamic presentation of the content focuses instruction on areas where each learner’s skills need to be strengthened.