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The music program at R. S. Fowler is built to develop and inspire a lifelong appreciation and love of music. It encompasses many different option and extracurricular possibilities but is primarily focused on the school's concert band, jazz band, and pop choral programs. Depending on which course students are enrolled in, students are taught the fundamentals of music performance, how to read music, how to play as and part of an ensemble, and an appreciation for what music is and what it takes to pursue it diligently and with passion.  Performance opportunities include during school assemblies and celebrations, elementary school performances, our annual Fine Arts Night at the Arden Theatre, and in and out of province performance tours.  For more information about the band or music program please contact Mr. Herbold at

For music related permission forms and other documentation, please visit Mr. Herbold's eTeacher website. 





Musical Theatre and Drama

Drama 7/8/9 

Drama fosters a positive self-concept in students by encouraging them to explore life by assuming roles and by acquiring dramatic skills. Imaginative exploration involves setting up a dramatic situation, “acting out” that situation, communicating within that situation and reflecting on their performance. 

Musical Theatre 7/8/9 

Musical Theatre is a teacher-initiated, performance-based course focusing on intensive training in the three primary areas of Musical theatre: Singing, Dancing and Acting. The main focus will be on dancing and movement, and progress into storytelling through song. This course is designed for students wishing to develop their skills in all three areas. Commitment and progress is expected in all the disciplines. The program aims to foster an appreciation for the form and a positive attitude to performance, preparing students for theatre experiences –  The course cumulates in a performance. Past productions include "Hairspray " "Little Mermaid" "Guys and Dolls"


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The Dance Club

            The Dance Club consists of students from grades seven to nine in our school. It runs during the lunch hours in our dance studio. Every year, students prepare for a major performance at the Arden Theatre in St Albert that celebrates the Fine Arts at Fowler. 

Dance Option

 Dance classes at Richard Fowler School are for any students in Grades seven to nine. The students in the Dance Option perform in our monthly Spirit Assemblies and Talent Show during the school year. The styles of dance offered in these classes are jazz, contemporary, lyrical jazz, musical theatre and new to this year, tap dance. Students are highly engaged in learning different styles of choreography and also have the opportunity to create group routines. You will often find many of these dancers performing and dancing in our Dance Club during the lunch hours! 

 If you have any questions regarding the Dance Club and/or performance, please contact Kristina Solikowski at