Our school strives to offer its students the opportunity to participate in a wide range of individual and team activities. Our interscholastic program provides quality opportunities through our school teams to encourage physical participation. Interscholastic sports offer athletes an opportunity to compete at a higher level, locally and separate from our physical education program. All interscholastic athletes are expected to reflect the Christian values of our school and maintain the same academic standards as any other student. These opportunities include volleyball, basketball, badminton, Journal Games, track and field and cross country running.

Sports Handbook

Proud to be a Falcon

Richard S Fowler is the home of the Falcons. Just look at what we have to offer!

6 different sports and 30 teams, over 260 student-athletes!

Student athletes at Fowler are committed to their family, their academic achievement and their team.  Because of their commitment to these three pillars, our student athletes are respected members within the school and the community.  Student athletes at Richard S Fowler take pride in being a Falcon because of its rich tradition and the fact that everyone at Fowler matters. This Tradition of Excellence carries on well beyond a student athlete's school career as it continues to positively influence their actions as they pursue future endeavours.

Want to make sure you don't miss tryouts? Check out the seasons of play below and keep your eyes and ears open for announcements!

Badminton - April to May

Basketball - November to March

Cross Country - September to October

Journal Games Relays- February to March

Track and Field - March to June

Volleyball - September to November