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Supply List and Startup Dates 2024 - 2025

RS Fowler Catholic Junior High School


Our startup dates are as follows:

Friday, August 16th: Office Opens

Monday, August 26th @ 6Pm: Get the Scoop Startup Info 

Wednesday, August 28th: Grade 7 Only First Day

Thursday, August 29th: Grade 8/9 Only First Day



Please note: We are using a one binder organizational system with our students. The students keep current work for all subjects in their 2.5-inch binder.  Upon their completion, units are moved to a storage binder in either their lockers or at home.  


Students will use their electronic device to track assignments, tests, etc.  It is our belief that this system will develop organizational skills that will be of benefit to students as they travel through life.   

  • Robust technology device - chromebook or laptop
  • 2.5 inch zipper binder
  • 2 inch binder used for storage 


  • 10 dividers


  • loose-leaf lined (400 sheets - replenish as necessary) 


  • 2 boxes of pens, 3 pkgs. of pencils – bring one pkg. for the first day of classes and replenish as necessary


  • pkg. pencil crayons


  • 1 highlighter


  • calculator (Grade 9 students will require a scientific calculator with the Sin, Cos and Tan functions. Phones are not permitted in class so cannot be used to replace a calculator.)


  • glue stick
  • geometry set (This should be used over the three years.)


  • 1 box of Kleenex (150 sheets) to be turned in to homeroom teacher on the first day of school



  • Physical Education Wear: All students are required to change for Physical Education. They will need running shoes that are only worn indoors as well as a t-shirt and shorts/sweatpants for PE activities.


  • Hand sanitizer - the school will have hand sanitizer stations in the school but students are asked to have their own personal hand sanitizers (optional)


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